Hi! My name is Davis Land.

I'm a recent graduate of Texas A&M University, studying Telecommunications and Media Studies.

I like to make stuff.

Currently, I work as a full time freelancer at Houston Public Media as a general assignment reporter. I cover just about everything, but take particular interest in environmental issues.

I also freelance for Red River Radio, covering the city of Lufkin and the wider East Texas region.

Previously, I worked for the Texas A&M University Writing Center where I produced a podcast called Write Right. Write Right takes on big, complex topics in communication, linguistics, and education, and presents them in a compelling, digestible format through narrative storytelling. I did everything for the show including research, interviewing, writing, editing, and mixing. Several excellent administrators at the Writing Center help edit my scripts. If there is one project through which I learned the most, it’s this one.

From the summer of 2016 through this past spring, I worked for the Texas A&M Foundation where I helped produce a podcast about different programs at A&M. I helped write the script, edit, score, and mix each episode.

Over the summer of 2016 I was an intern at WBUR Boston in the newsroom. I helped write and report for the hourly newscast and often joined producers out in the field. There I learned how to write on a deadline and work in a fast paced and sometimes-stressful environment.

I was formerly an intern at Transom.org in Woods Hole, MA. There I got my first taste of producing content for the public media world, from pitching to reporting, editing, and all the in-between. Over the summer I had a total of three stories air on WCAI, the local NPR affiliate.

I've done a bit of freelance reporting and production assistance. I have by-lines with Texas Standard and The Battalion. I’ve also done some work for Write About Now, as a podcast producer and video production assistant.

In 2017, my friend Brie Ripley and I started Dear, a podcast wherein Brie and I write audio letters to one another. We did it to force oursleves to make something out of the ordinary on a regular basis. You should check it out.

I served as Programming Director for KANM Student Radio for most of my college career. As Programming Director I built out the show schedule and directed student DJs to produce and air music, talk, and fictional content, all while hosting my own weekly show. Before I was Programming Director at KANM I helped with produce content and interviews for the station. These segments are, unfortunately, lost to a hard drive which the university reclaimed and then sold as “surplus” (this taught me to always make backups).

In the past I was a volunteer DJ and board operator at KEOS Community Radio. There I learned a lot about FCC regulations and, as I programmed a lot of punk music on my show, became intimately familiary with what exactly crosses the line. (Of course, I stayed inside of it.)

From August of 2015 through 2016, I served as Editor-In-Chief of The Eckleburg Project, Texas A&M’s student literary and arts journal. I’ve been involved with other ephemeral yet substantial arts efforts. Ask me about them!

I've gained a lot of different skills through all of that; here's an incomplete list: ProTools, the Adobe Creative Suite (namely Audition, Premiere, Illustrator, and Photoshop), how to do writing good, Microsoft Office, Slack, various CMS platforms, writing, filing public records requests, emailing (it’s a skill, trust me), being funny sometimes, Twitter (that’s also a skill I think), book binding, cooking, having a critical eye, driving in Boston, paying off a credit card, being a leader, the Do Not Disturb feature on my phone, tying shoes, high fiving, being a direct communicator, and a few more things.

Here is a link to my resume.

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