1. veronicabrady:

    From a zine collaboration by brokenalarmclock and jamesleaf


  2. i made the zine

    hi everyone
    i made the zine i said i would
    you can get it
    the cost just covers printing and shipping
    i make no profit from this
    also- submissions are open for next month



  3. My head hurt today and I laid down. I slept for three hours. When I woke up my roommate had made something in the kitchen. An appliance was beeping constantly. My head still hurt.

    I sat at my desk. My visual perspective detached from my physical being. I felt both heavy and weightless. The screen was glowing unnaturally. The appliance still beeped.

    I could feel my head outside of my head. I floated behind it, back into the chair. My vision began shaking. I felt the muscles on the side of my head tighten. I was cold.

  4. noglykon:


    Oct. 2, 2014

    Sian S. Rathore

    Xatherin Lizette Gonzalez

    Shane Jesse Christmass

    Waylon Cunningham

    Meagan Maguire

    Trevor L. Sensor

    Davis Land

    Sarah Edwards

    No Glykon

    Elizabeth Foster

    Theodore Fox

  5. internetpoetry:

    image macro by davis land


  7. i am making a zine

    send me stuff to put in the zine
    you can send writing/visual art/literally anything that will be printed
    i will print a picture of your dog
    i will literally anything
    ill send you a copy when its done of course

    send stuff to dland95@gmail.com


  8. there is a dead bird on the road
    next to the bus stop
    i am stepping on to the bus
    the bird is covered in bees
    the person i am sitting next to does not know i am typing a poem
    the bird does not know it is now covered in bees
    my phone rings but i am not going to answer it
    because it would bother the other people on the bus

  11. wall post i made on madi’s facebook


  12. tonight i will make another world of myself
    i will carry the home of concrete and sweat acorss this head,
    these ears and
    mouth, my
    most alive place of becoming
    again and again

  13. altlitpress:

    some of the alp crew reviews the spoken word album, EAT A FUCKING KNIFE by Brian Huntress.


    (Source: blogcorehouse, via skubjamz)

  14. selfie

  15. i’m putting out a new chapbook called “addendum”.
    i originally was just going to sell it on tour but it has new poems different from “hershey bar pie” so i figured why not
    email your info and paypal $5 to dland95@gmail.com for your own personalized copy