1. noglykon:


    Oct. 2, 2014

    Sian S. Rathore

    Xatherin Lizette Gonzalez

    Shane Jesse Christmass

    Waylon Cunningham

    Meagan Maguire

    Trevor L. Sensor

    Davis Land

    Sarah Edwards

    No Glykon

    Elizabeth Foster

    Theodore Fox

  2. internetpoetry:

    image macro by davis land


  4. i am making a zine

    send me stuff to put in the zine
    you can send writing/visual art/literally anything that will be printed
    i will print a picture of your dog
    i will literally anything
    ill send you a copy when its done of course

    send stuff to dland95@gmail.com


  5. there is a dead bird on the road
    next to the bus stop
    i am stepping on to the bus
    the bird is covered in bees
    the person i am sitting next to does not know i am typing a poem
    the bird does not know it is now covered in bees
    my phone rings but i am not going to answer it
    because it would bother the other people on the bus

  8. wall post i made on madi’s facebook


  9. tonight i will make another world of myself
    i will carry the home of concrete and sweat acorss this head,
    these ears and
    mouth, my
    most alive place of becoming
    again and again

  10. altlitpress:

    some of the alp crew reviews the spoken word album, EAT A FUCKING KNIFE by Brian Huntress.


    (via skubjamz)

  11. selfie

  12. i’m putting out a new chapbook called “addendum”.
    i originally was just going to sell it on tour but it has new poems different from “hershey bar pie” so i figured why not
    email your info and paypal $5 to dland95@gmail.com for your own personalized copy

  13. tour poster

  14. wall post i made on waylon’s facebook.


  15. Smash Gordon is a baseball player who listens to free jazz. He holds the highest award in free jazz listening contests. When he goes up to bat and hits the ball a big saxophone rings out over the stadium and the entire audience says, man, look, there goes Smash Gordon again with his free jazz baseball swing.

    The year is 2072, everything is screwed up.

    (things already got screwed up in 2017 but then got more screwed up around 2069)

    Smash Gordon takes a look in his mirror and pats himself on his space eye patch. Lost that one space baseball game finals of 2064 he says to his son, whose name is Nord Norton. He holds his space razor to his new space face (in the future you can get your face replaced with a new space face) and shaves his space beard. Nord Norton eats his regular ole’ Earth apple and asks his dad about before 2069, when everything go re-screwed up.

    Well son I don’t have much to tell you. Ever since the year of 2069, when everything got re-screwed up, my memory has been a little fuzzy. See, things aren’t screwed up now; they’re how they are supposed to be. Anyone that says things got re-screwed up in 2069 is obviously speaking from the perspective of a past non-space dude brain.

    Makes since, says Nord Norton as he looks out of the window.

    You mean sense, says Smash Gordon. I can see on my space interpreter that in your head you spelled it, “since” when the correct usage is, “sense.”

    Oops, says Nord Norton.

    Nord Norton wonders how his dad can use his space interpreter that way. Nord Norton can only use it to know when food is done in the space microwave or understand spaceman speak, which is necessary since he lives in New Jersey, which is still on Earth, but might as well be in space, even though the state of New Jersey has been repurposed and named the Baseball Colony.

    I can know those things because I am your dad, says Smash Gordon as he puts on a free jazz record.