davis land

audio producer and engineer in houston, tx

hello, thanks for stumbling into my web zone. i'm glad you're here. currently, i'm senior producer in the houston public media newsroom, where i spin plates and put out fires for the local morning edition broadcast, produce for our public affairs show houston matters, and in general keep our audio sounding good. i also make a secret internet radio show called good omens, a mix of slow radio, audio fiction, and the sensibilities of community radio i learned at keos. for a couple years i produced dear, a series of weekly audio letters between friends. previously, i interned at both wbur in the newscast unit and atlantic public media/transom.org producing features, sonic ids, and helping out with the website.

here's my resume if you'd like to know more.

"Silent Epidemic" - HPM In-Depth (reporting, producing, mixing)
Houston Matters Samples
2-way Samples
Good Omens Samples
Hurricane Season Episode 3: Hurricane Carla

903 - 920 - 9269
davischristopherland [at] gmail [dot] com